The Cost of Visiting Angels: What You Need to Know

Demystifying the costs of Visiting Angels - explore the factors influencing the price, pre-purchase considerations, cost-saving tips, and guidance for optimal choices.

How much does visiting angels cost


How much does visiting angels cost? is a question many families grapple with when seeking in-home care for their loved ones. The answer isn't straightforward due to several influencing factors, but by the end of this read, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of what to expect.

How Much Does Visiting Angels Cost?

On average, Visiting Angels services cost between $20 to $30 per hour. However, the exact cost can vary based on factors such as location, the type of care required, and the duration of services. Visiting Angels is a leading provider of in-home care services, and their pricing reflects the quality and range of services they offer. It's always recommended to contact your local Visiting Angels agency for a more accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs.

Factors Influencing Cost

As with many services, the cost of Visiting Angels varies based on several factors:

Location of Services

Different regions or cities might have varying costs due to local economic conditions.

Hours of Service

Whether you opt for hourly, daily, or live-in care can drastically change the final bill.

Specialized Care Needs

Caring for Alzheimer's or dementia patients, for example, might entail added costs.

Additional Services

Transportation, medication reminders, and other added services can influence the overall price.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

Before settling for Visiting Angels, consider the following:

Level of Care Needed

Determine whether your loved one requires basic assistance or more intensive care.

Duration of Service

Estimate how long you'll need the services - short-term recovery or long-term assistance?

Insurance & Benefits

Does your insurance cover in-home care? Explore your benefits to understand the potential financial relief.

Cost-Saving Tips

To ease the financial burden:

  1. Negotiate Rates: Don't hesitate to discuss potential discounts for long-term contracts.
  2. Shared Care: If possible, consider shared care options with nearby families to reduce costs.
  3. Seek State Programs: Many states offer programs that subsidize in-home care costs.

Guidance for Optimal Choices

Making the best decision involves:

  • Reading Reviews: Understand past customers' experiences.
  • Consulting with Professionals: Seek advice from geriatric care managers or medical professionals.
  • Evaluating Credentials: Ensure the caregivers have the necessary qualifications and background checks.


Understanding the costs of Visiting Angels can be complex, but armed with this information, you're better equipped to make informed decisions. Have questions or experiences to share? Comment below to engage in the discussion.

This article aims to provide readers with a basic understanding of the costs involved with Visiting Angels. It is essential to seek professional advice and conduct thorough research when considering in-home care services for your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What services does Visiting Angels offer?

Visiting Angels provides a range of in-home care services designed to assist seniors in living comfortably in their homes. Their services include companionship care, running errands, meal preparation, housekeeping, and personal care such as bathing and dressing. They also offer care for recovery and specialized services based on individual needs.

Is Visiting Angels covered by Medicare?

Visiting Angels is a privately-owned network of home health care agencies located throughout the United States. While some of their services might be covered under Medicare Part B, which helps cover the cost of medical supplies and equipment, it's essential to check with your local agency and Medicare plan for specific coverage details.

How does Visiting Angels customize their care plans?

Visiting Angels tailors their care plans to suit the unique care and budgetary requirements of each individual. The costs can vary depending on the region, type of service, and frequency of the services provided. Most Visiting Angels franchises offer no-cost in-home consultations to assess individual care needs.

What factors affect the cost of Visiting Angels services?

The cost of Visiting Angels' services can be influenced by several factors, including the type of service required, location, duration, and any specialized care needs. It's recommended to contact a local Visiting Angels agency for a comprehensive assessment and accurate cost estimate.

How does Visiting Angels' hourly pay range for its employees?

The average hourly pay for Visiting Angels employees varies based on the role. For instance, patient care technicians might earn approximately $9.42 per hour, while a Marketing Specialist could earn up to $20.00 per hour.

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    2. Hours of Service
    3. Specialized Care Needs
    4. Additional Services
  4. Pre-Purchase Considerations
    1. Level of Care Needed
    2. Duration of Service
    3. Insurance & Benefits
  5. Cost-Saving Tips
  6. Guidance for Optimal Choices
  7. Conclusion
  8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    1. What services does Visiting Angels offer?
    2. Is Visiting Angels covered by Medicare?
    3. How does Visiting Angels customize their care plans?
    4. What factors affect the cost of Visiting Angels services?
    5. How does Visiting Angels' hourly pay range for its employees?


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